J. Leiva Alma Classé Cajon


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J. Leiva Alma Classé Cajon

After the success obtained with the first series, which appeared as a limited edition, we haven’t had more remedy than to keep making it. But not satisfied with just continuing it, we have improved it a 200 %. Without any doubt we have the best cajon on the market in its price segment.

This time again the price is not reflecting the quality of the instrument. Here you have something extremely good, a real “killer”. The most powerful cajon that you can imagine. Super bright and forceful high notes (which in skilled hands can cloud the sight) and a very low frequency bass with an astonishing power … of course inside our philosophy of “non resonance” (aspect which makes the bass sound dirty and ugly in a considerable way; not tolerated by studio engineers nor live-technicians who are looking for a clear balance between bass and high notes and a sharp, clean and blunt bass sound).

In J.Leiva Percussion we have a lot of faith in this cajon since it is our “war horse” for the present economic situation. Nor expensive, nor cheap but with a professional sound which can cost around 300 euros or more in other brands.

Its spectacular nature is not given by magic art, we are working in this product range for more than a year but with a special care in this model since we wanted to be able to offer an excellent product at a low price.

It has a very meticulous inner work and some improvements which other manufactures won’t disregard.

We hope the new product range and specially this model can fulfill the highest expectations concerning our brand and our name.

Technical Features:

48cm. height x 30 cm. width x 32 cm. depth.

Plywood board of seven juxtaposed layers (12mm. of thickness), joined together with water based glue. Made of 100% Russian birch.

Russian birch wood, laminated (3.5 mm) with direct serigraphy and cellulose protection.

D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with four parallel guitar strings localised vertically and tuneable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.

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J. Leiva Alma Classé Cajon

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