J. Leiva Omeya Evo Cajon


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J. Leiva Omeya Evo Cajon

After our success with the first Omeya-Series, we show to the audience the new Omeya Evo Series which is totally different to the one before. But it is really a new Omeya with all its sound features, dynamics and quality which have given so many success to artists and the general audience.
A new series is born, adapted to the needs of a more and more skilled audience who has a higher demanding level concerning the performance, quality and price.

We stick to the principles which gave light to this series: PROFESSIONAL SOUND, QUALITY OF MATERIALS, MANUFACTURE AND FINISHING TOUCH and of course the UNQUESTIONABLE AND OVERWHELMING ARTISTIC SUPERIORITY of this cajon with sound features that make it unachievable for the rest of the cajons in the market. It is the favourite cajon for artists and for professionals as well in the world of interpretation as in the studio sound.

An evolved series is born, which will turn your “hits” into a continuous pleasure and a discovery of: shades, sounds, dynamics and unimaginable ranges until now, and over all an unbeatable capability for bass sounds configuration due to its two independent “back exits”.

We haven’t stopped, we haven’t had any break, but we have worked hard on the interior of this cajon series in order to get a bass sound with extreme pressure, without “resonance” and with a very low frequency (Hz) for this kind of conventional cajon. We have used all our experience in order to make inner improvements which we aren’t going to register and we are sure many other are going to copy as soon as they can due to the great results we have achieved and you will be able to check.

Without any doubt: It’s a “candy”!
A cajon everybody will talk about and will become the joy for a lot of people and the envy for a few

Technical Features:

48 cm. height x 30 cm. width x 32 cm. depth.

Russian birch of seven juxtaposed layers of 10mm thickness, joined together with water based glue. With silicone spikes with reduced contact area, and disconnection from the floor.

Russian birch wood, laminated (3,2 mm). With direct serigraphy and cellulose protection.

D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with six guitar strings in V form, localised vertically and tunable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.

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J. Leiva


J. Leiva Omeya Evo Cajon

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