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J. Leiva Medina B. Box Cajon (exclusief pedaal)

As we use to do in our brand, once again we overtake our competitors in our own inimitable way: working without rest in order to present and offer with pride something new, innovative and never seen before on the market.

Many of the people who read this could think it is not true since there are at least two systems on the market which make the same as our B.Box.
Alright! As our customers know, if something we are working on is not a novelty and does not offer innovation, we prefer not to make it, because as our philosophy says: the motivation and only guide in our way are INNOVATION and SINCERITY. We still keep this always in mind, otherwise J.Leiva Percussion would stop to exist.

Now we put at the reach of our customers a product (a new patent which has been developed under cooperation with D.G.) which, due to its novelty, will be a “point of departure”. Not only the product as a whole but also the developed technic is new, because until now all pedal-devices for cajon knocked always on the front panel in one or another way and always with a remote (steel-)cable-system.

We are not going to discuss that cable-systems do not work very well with pedal-devices. This seems to be well known by any percussionist, because otherwise all the double pedal-devices for bass drums would be manufactured by this way.

As everybody knows, only smooth, fast and reliable double pedal-devices are the ones with (telescopic, articulated) rigid rod. It is very well known by drummers and percussionists and it has been more than proven along the years.

In J. Leiva Percussion we have understood in our own way the ideal way to turn a cajon into one more element … into a BASS DRUM! But not any which way, but thinking (as we always do) to add a plus, an extra, a contribution which makes it “one of a kind”.
We have got the first pedal-device for cajon which really works and makes it regardless of the front panel, since the player hits on the side of the box.

– Clear sound
– Total autonomy
– Total freedom of hit
– No string-vibration that is always present in every hit on conventional devices.
– Free hands
– Possibility to make two bass sounds at the same time.
– Front Panel totally free, without strange elements that complicate the percussion with the hands.
– Portability.
– Reliability and strenght with mechanisms tested exhaustively.

And so we could keep on counting everything the client is going to discover without any doubt when he tries and checks that everything we say is true.
We don’t feel the need to keep on explaining more because the next step is that the client tries it out and proves what Leiva Percussion is in all aspects.

In Leiva Percussion we really hope it will be one step ahead to your comfort. We hope that you remember us only because of our intention of putting at your reach the same we would like for ourselves.

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J. Leiva Medina B. Box Cajon

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