J. Leiva Easy Cajon


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J. Leiva Easy Cajon

We are sure that some customers want to configure and decorate their own instrument, which should be easy and quick to assemble and available at a good price.

J.Leiva Percussion launches an instrument that brings together all the above mentioned features. The only cajon assembly kit that allows the customer to decide whether to assemble it “forever” (joined together with glue) or  assemble and dismantle it as often as he/she desires.
Therefore we have developed a Patented Cajon-Kit with guide grooves for an easy and quick assembly (about 2 minutes).

Assemble and dismantle your Easy-Cajon as often as you desire … or assemble it forever, joined together with glue.

· Patented Cajon-Kit
· Easy and quick assembly
· Assembly does not require tools
· Impressive and astonishing sound and power
· Direct Tension System (DTS) with 4 tuning strings

Technical Features:

48cm. height x 30 cm. width x 32 cm. depth.

Plywood board of seven juxtaposed layers (12 mm. thickness), joined together with water based glue. Made of  100% Russian birch. Natural wood finish, without varnish.

Russian birch wood of 3mm, laminated. Natural wood finish, without varnish.

D.T.S. or Direct Tuning System with 4 parallel guitar strings, localised vertically and tuneable from outside the cajon without the need of keys or other tools.

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J. Leiva


J. Leiva Easy Cajon

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