ASBA Caroline Bassdrum Pedal




ASBA Caroline Bassdrum Pedal

Het iconische pedaal maakt een terugkeer!

Nu op voorraad!!

The story:

Caroline Pedal is perhaps the most famous bass drum pedal in the history of drums being used on Michael Jacksons BAD Album to Jimi Hendrix’s drummer Mitch Mitchell!

Invented by ASBA in 1965 & being reissued this year.


The Caroline pedal is closely linked to Daniel Humair, the great international jazz player who created the famous pedal named after his daughter in the 1960s that became a worldwide success.
In just a few months, it conquered the world of drums with its revolutionary innovations being sold under Ludwig’s license in the USA and conquered the hearts of some of the greatest drummers.
The pedal sold thousands of copies and quickly became the reference in terms of speed, precision, and comfort of play and adjustment.

To make Caroline’s heart beat again, it took more than a year of hard but exciting work.


  • Revamped the original pedal designs with new specifications.
  • The digitalization of an old model + reversed engineered in partnership with a university.
  • With access to new state of the art technology and materials, we preserved the essence of the pedal while modernizing its mechanical characteristics: 3D Drawings, digital machining, premium materials, high precision ball bearing.
  • Creation of multiple molds
  • Sourced the materials used for all the parts
  • Prototypes created
  • Put through vigorous mechanical and musical testing

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ASBA Caroline Bassdrum Pedal

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