Mapex kruk, T855BL, zadelzitting, blauw


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Mapex kruk, T855BL, zadelzitting, blauw

Mapex 800 series breathable thrones are designed to be a solid foundation for any player. Rugged double braced and threaded spindle construction provide ultra-reliable support and comfortable supportive seat features keep any drummer feeling good through even the most intense playing.

Don’t let heat and sweat distract you from your music. This 17′ x 4′ newly developed saddle-style breathable perforated cloth seat allows air to circulate through the cushion to help drummers maintain coolness.

The sloped leg openings of biomechanically shaped seat provide a free range of motion while the raised center and back edge help the player to maintain balance.
A simple and strong clamp-mount ensures an ultra-secure seat to spindle connection The double-braced legs with Extra Large Slip-Proof Feet provide durability and stability.
17′ x 4′ Thick Saddle-Style Breathable Brown Leatherette Cushioned Seat
Adjustable Spindle Lock
Extra Large Slip-Proof Feet


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Mapex kruk, T855BL, zadelzitting, blauw

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