Dixon Fuse 5pcs Satin Nat Cherry to Black Burst



Dixon Fuse 5pcs Satin Nat Cherry to Black Burst

18×22  8×10   9×12  14×16  6.5×14,

Dixon understands that whether you’re just starting out or ready to get back into drumming you need a drum kit which fits your image and defines your sound. So we developed FUSE Series to outfit drummers of all styles and levels with unique features and versatile configurations priced to get you playing as soon as possible. FUSE is performance class drums for the ambitious first time buyer, upgrade candidate, or performer in need of one more kit. Professional features, stunning finishes and quality throughout.

Profile Cherry has a contemporary shell and finish combination for a progressive look and sound. On the inside, Profile Cherry‘s 6-ply shell combines both cherry and mahogany hardwoods for a full, punchy sound with a mid-fundamental and great projection, while the outside features rich satin finishes applied by hand to one of Profile Cherry’s 3 cherry wood plys, highlighted by satin chrome lugs, brackets, mounts and hoops.

NBF  (Natural Black Fade), with 9280 Stands Pack and 9270 Pedal. On 6-ply hybrid shell ( cherry + mahogany)

High-quality drum finishes with gloss chrome / satin silver hardware

Ball & L-Rod tom Holder

Low-mass lugs


Extra informatie


6-ply hybrid shell ( cherry + mahogany)


Natural to black fade


10×8, 12×9, 16×14, 22×18, 14×6,5




Dixon Fuse 5pcs Satin Nat Cherry to Black Burst

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