ProMark SMAX Specialty Hickory Grey Poly-Vinyl Brushes Medium




ProMark SMAX Specialty Hickory Grey Poly-Vinyl Brushes Medium

Pro-Mark SMAX specialty Silicon Brushes SLAP Hickory drumsticks Jazz Bongo Cajon conga. This is a drumstick and brush hybrid from Pro-Mark New old stock of discontinued Pair of Pro-Mark SMAX specialty drumsticks soft Rubber feel Silicon Brushes slappy fly swatter Hickory handle for Jazz Bongo Conga cajon Djembe drum set or kit you use on hand drums to replace your hands for a new lighter sound slap smack tone sounds . Just ask Kahlani. Similar to Vic Firth blades and regal tip conga bongo stick but lighter to Enhance your drumming experience , the Pro-Mark SMAX specialty drumsticks that are Silicon with rubber feel brushes made with hickory handles for that perfect Latin, jazz, on bongo, conga, cajon, and other percussion instruments. These drumsticks are a must-have for any percussionist looking to add more flavor to their music. The brushes have a rubber feel silicon head and hickory handle stick and are perfect for creating unique sounds and tones on your drums.

A unique drumstick and brush hybrid from Pro-Mark with brushes for texture and a stick shaft for substance.

ProMark SMAX are the flattened, plastic version of brushes. Available in soft version these SMAX offer a unique attack that punctuates on the drum set or hand drums alike. SMAX are particularly useful in multi-percussion setups where hand drums are combined with other instruments more commonly played with a stick. The wooden handle can also be used for rimshots and other sounds that are more characteristic of a drumstick.


Hard, rubber feel plastic head

Standard hickory handle like drum stick

Provides unique hand-simulating response

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA

A brush with variety for drummers with range.

Pro Mark Soft SMAX Brushes Specifications:

Diameter: .530

Length: 15 3/4″

Tip Material: Other

Tip Shape: Other

Articulation: Soft


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ProMark SMAX Specialty Hickory Grey Poly-Vinyl Brushes Medium

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