Aquarian Super Mesh Heads



Aquarian Super Mesh Heads

AQUARIAN Snare / Tom Head, Super-Mesh, 8″ €15,90

AQUARIAN Snare / Tom Head, Super-Mesh, 10″ €17,50

AQUARIAN Snare / Tom Head, Super-Mesh, 12″ €18,90

AQUARIAN Snare / Tom Head, Super-Mesh, 13″ €19,90

AQUARIAN Snare / Tom Head, Super-Mesh, 14″ €20,50

AQUARIAN Head set, AQSM-C  Super-Mesh, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ €60,90

AQUARIAN Head set, AQSM-CB Super-Mesh, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 22 €92,50
Dit zegt Aquarian over deze Super-Mesh heads (gaasvellen);

The Aquarian SUPER-MESH woven drumhead can replace standard acoustic heads for practically volume-free practice or can be used to outfit popular electronic drum pads for a ‘SUPER-MESH’ performance!

SUPER-MESH uses the same patented SAFE-T-LOC HOOP that keeps all Aquarian drumheads round and in tune. The rigid Aquarian hoop design helps the high- quality woven mesh material lay flat around the entire drum for better feel and response. The result is a superior single ply, ‘no-volume’ mesh drum head that is at home in both acoustic and electronic applications

Along with Aquarian’s ‘low-volume’ SUPER-PAD, the ‘no-volume’ SUPER-MESH drumhead practice solutions let the drummer practice with passion and power but without the volume.

  • Single Ply Volume Free Woven Mesh
  • Rigid Safe-T-Loc Hoop keeps head round
  • Work as Electronic Mesh Pad Replacement Head
  • Available in 6”- 26” Sizes

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Aquarian Super Mesh Heads