Vater VH5BN 5B Nylon Tip Hickory Drumsticks


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Vater VH5BN 5B Nylon Tip Hickory Drumsticks

Very responsive, comfortable and balanced stick with acorn tip. Versatile stick. Oval nylon tip for a bright sound.

Also available in Sugar Maple, Nude Series, Eternal Black, Color Wrap and Extended Play Series.

“Vater makes the best sticks out there by far and if it wasn’t for them I’d just be air drumming!! I choose the 5B because it’s not to skinny and not too fat, I get the power and the speed that I need.” – Brann Dailor [Mastodon]

“There’s only only stick that can deliver the Death Punch and it’s Vater! I need a stick that’s the perfect balance of weight, length and durability. The only one I’ve found that delivers is the Vater 5B.” -Jeremy Spencer [Five Finger Death Punch]

“The only stick that can stand up to the abuse night after night” – Kent Diimmel [In This Moment]

“My stick of choice has changed extremely little over my 25+ years as a drummer. The Vater 5B allows me enough girth for power and loudness while allowing just the right lightness for jazz and other dynamic playing.” – Claude Coleman [Ween/Eagles of Death Metal]

– Length: 16″
– Diameter: 0,605″
– Tip Shape: Nylon Oval
– Material: Hickory


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Vater VH5BN 5B Nylon Tip Hickory Drumsticks

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