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Paiste Cymbal Protector € 17,50

Cleaning with the Paiste cymbal cleaner & protector:

First lay the cymbal on a table covered with a smooth carpet or cloth surface. Next wet the cymbal with water and also wet a cotton cloth with water. Squirt a few drops of Paiste Cymbal Cleaner onto the cloth (not onto the cymbal directly) and make sure the cleaner is well watered-down.

With the cloth, gently wipe the cymbal in the direction of the lathing grooves until you see dirt being removed from the surface. Do not rub at all! As soon as you see dirt or grime on the rag, stop the cleaning process. Rinse off the cymbal with a different wet cloth until the cleaner is completely removed. You can also rinse the cymbal directly under running luke warm water instead. When the cleaner is completely removed, use a new dry cloth and gently wipe around the cymbal until it’s completely dry. Again, never rub!

After completing the cleaning instructions, pour a small portion of Paiste Cymbal Protector on a clean dry cloth and gently wipe around the grooves of the cymbal. The protector serves as a temporary coating and prevents the bronze surface from oxidizing. Your newly cleaned and protected cymbals will be worth the effort!


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