Facus Drum Innovations Brushes, Dennis Chambers Signature Model


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Facus Drum Innovations Brushes, Dennis Chambers Signature Model

Dit zegt Facus over deze brushes:

Facus Custom brushes, Signature  Dennis Chambers

Compared with other brushes currently on the market, Facus’s have some characteristics that make them particularly useful and innovative. These brushes have a lenght adjustment in four different positions with a locking system consisting of a ball with a very effective spring. Common brushes have locking systems that lack in stability making it difficult to maintain the lenght required. The lenght regulating bar also has a “ball” of acetal resin (POM) at the distal end that makes the brush, once closed and turned upside down, usable as a traditional wooden drum stick. This also allows for making sound embellishments throughout the drum kit. In the opinion of drummers of national fame, the number of locking positions of Facus brushes is ideal to have the best performances in matters of modulation or intensity of sound.Furthermore, every Facus brush handle is lined with a plastic gummy material that prevents slipping and makes it crash resistent.


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Facus Drum Innovations brushes, Dennis Chambers model

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