Vic Firth VKB2 VicKick® – Bassdrumbeater Maple hard



Vic Firth VKB2 VicKick® – Bassdrumbeater  Maple hard

Deze Vic Kick Beater bassdrumklopper van Vic Firth is revolutionair en absoluut een goede toevoeging aan je set, of ter vervanging van de huidige klopper. De VBK2 Vic Kick Beater is gemaakt van hard esdoornhout, levert een duidelijke articulatie op en is met name ideaal voor rockers! Het tweezijdige karakter van deze bassdrumklopper biedt veel mogelijkheden in klank en feel.

Dit zegt Vic Firth over deze klopper;

Radial. Hard maple head creates super rhythmic clarity. Weight of ball helps produce a full sound. Dual orientation offers multiple sound and feel options. Ideal for rockers looking for the ultimate in articulation!

Known for having the most comprehensive line of sticks and mallets in the business, Vic Firth Company is always aiming to offer players the highest quality implements for all of their performing needs. Built on that principle, the new VicKick® line is designed to raise the standard for drum set bass drum beaters.

Available in felt, wood and fleece, VicKick Beaters® feature spherical heads that provide a consistent striking surface. These three special models each provide distinct and appropriate levels of articulation, all while achieving an enhanced low-end sound.

Within the VicKick® series, both the felt and wood beaters feature a unique dual striking position. Set in the “radial” position, the beater provides clear articulation, consistent rebound and allows for side-by- side clearance when used on double pedal setups. The “flat” position increases beater surface contact for enhanced sound. The fleece beater is crafted with an oval felt core and sets up in a singular position.

“There are more mechanically conceived bass drum pedals and beaters available today than ever before,” states Neil Larrivee, Director of Education and Product Development at Vic Firth Co. “Although it was important for us to keep mechanics in mind, VicKick Beaters® have been designed with sound quality as the number one priority. That’s what makes these beaters so unique!”

  • Rhythmic clarity and a full sound
  • Dual orientation offers multiple sound and feel options
  • The ultimate in articulation
  • Head Size: 2″
  • Secondary Head Size: 1.5″
  • Length: 7 7/8″


  • Family: VicKick Beaters
  • Series: VicKick Beaters

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Vic Firth VKB2 VicKick® – Bassdrumbeater  Maple hard

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