ASBA Asblock Cymbal Mounting System



ASBA Asblock Cymbal Mounting System

The world’s fastest system for mounting your cymbals!

Say Goodbye to your complex cymbal stacker…

Here is ASBLOCK, the simple, fast and efficient system to fix all your cymbals on any type of stand!

Developed in collaboration with drummer Raphaël Séguinier, ASBLOCK can be mounted in 2 seconds on all your cymbals, from the smallest Splash to the biggest Ride. No more need for a traditionnal mounting system: equipped with ASBLOCK, your cymbal is clipped directly onto the stem of the stand, which has been previously stripped of the old system.

Even better: with ASBLOCK, your cymbals can be easily stored in your hardcase, on the threaded rod, and prevents the cymbals from clashing with each other.

ASBLOCK, the system that every drummer has dreamed of someday!

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ASBA Asblock Cymbal Mounting System

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