Tama Superstar Classic Molten Lava Burst Limited Edition Maple



Tama Superstar Classic Molten Lava Burst Limited Edition Maple

10″x7“ Tom Tom
12″x8“ Tom Tom
16″x14“ Floor Tom
22″x16“ Bass Drum
14″x6.5“ Snare Drum

MTH600 Double Tom Holder

(inclusief stagemaster hardware kit €1249,-)

-All Maple Shell
TT/FT/SD: 5mm, 6ply
BD: 7mm, 8ply
-Molten Lava Burst Finish
-Star-Mount System
-Triple Flanged Hoops
-Low-Mass Lugs
-Power Craft II Drum Heads
-Classic TAMA T-Badge


Dit zegt Tama over deze fantastische drums:


100% Maple Shells

-Exotic Finishes
Tom Tom, Floor Tom & Snare Drum : 4ply Maple + 2 outer ply Lacebark Pine, 5mm
Bass Drum : 6ply Maple + 2 outer ply Lacebark Pime, 7mm

-Lacquer and Unicolor Wrap Finishes
Tom Tom, Floor Tom & Snare Drum : 6ply, 5mm
Bass Drum : 8ply, 7mm

Our highest priority in producing the Superstar series of drums was sound. The full, powerful character and rich resonance of the Superstar drums were achieved by utilizing carefully selected maple shells and focusing intently on shell molding and the bearing edge shape.

Power Craft II Drumheads

All Superstar’s “Power Craft II” drum heads (except Duo snare batter head) ensure a great sound practically right out of the box! Ring mufflers on bass drum heads remove the need for extra internal muffling.

Tom Holder

TAMA L-Rod and Omnisphere tom holder systems have received acclaim from drummers for over 25 years. These systems offer easy positioning, maximum flexibility, stability and greater sound than standard designs which penetrate the shell interior and can inhibit resonance.

Low-Mass Lugs

These small lugs are newly designed separate lugs for the Superstar Classic series. By reducing the surface area that the lugs occupy on the shell, a structure that does not hinder shell resonance is achieved.

Star-Mount System

The Star-Mount System was developed to increase the resonance of drums. This new mounting system provides support at four points on the batter side hoop of a drum.
The bracket eye-bolts slide to the left and right, so it’s possible to prevent the eye-bolts from touching each other even when setting up two toms close to each other.

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Molten Brown Burst


10×7, 12×8, 16×14, 22×16, 14×6,5




Tama Superstar Classic Molten Brown Burst Limited Edition CL52KRS-MLS

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