Canopus HS-1465 Zelkova 14×6,5 Ninja Black Laquer


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Canopus HS-1465 Zelkova 14×6,5 Ninja Black Laquer

Dit is de meest exclusieve snare die Rebo in huis heeft! Uit één stuk 200 jaar oud Zelkova hout gemaakt.

Canopus zegt dit over deze sublieme snare;

The Zelkova snare drum is CANOPUS’ flagship model. In the primary development process we first experimented with traditional drum crafting theory. We cut the drum’s edge at an angle of 45 degrees on both the inside and outside of the shell. Our first try was insufficient; the drum lacked the resonance and sensitivity we were looking for. We continued to experiment with several different edge angles, including 60 and 70 degrees. After some trial and error, we achieved an unprecedented edge shaping process. The end result is a hand crafted snare drum with maximum resonance and a delicate yet fat sound with sharp response

The Zelkova Snare Drum, which has a hollowed one piece drum shell, can be described as the purest form of the drum. Only one hollowed piece can be taken from a stump of precious 200 year old Zelkova wood, also called Akagi or “red wood.” The sound that is produced from a single piece of wood has a unique and powerful attack. Each stroke produces a “block of sound” with a sharp edge and a thick low pitch, while maintaining the warmth of natural wood. The special nature of Zelkova is highly revered and sought after by top drummers around the world.

Nu op voorraad. De eerste in Nederland!!

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One-Piece Hollowed Zelkova 14mm






Zelkova HS-1465